Sounds of North and South American jazz merge in the music of Manu Guerrero.  Following a prestigious career accompanying an eclectic array of world class musicians and famous French stars (Celine Dion, Michel Sardou, J.J Goldman…), the Franco-Peruvian pianist finally unveils his own compositions. Manu takes us on a journey through the Andes and France, accompanied by world-class artists, with the rhythmic and refined sounds of a jazz punctuated by South American accents emerging from North American roots in a prelude to recordings that will be available to the public on January 19, 2018.

Of Peruvian origin and born in the south of France, Manu Guerrero is a product of diverse cultures. Trained from the age of 6 in classical piano, he discovered jazz in his adolescence and never looked back.  Shifting to jazz from classical training, he learned to perfect his technique by playing with experienced jazz artists and began to hone his style and his own distinct sound. In 1999, the young pianist was invited to tour with the late Carole Fredericks, starting off his career as a sideman accompanying some of the biggest stars in French pop music (Céline Dion, Michel Sardou, J.J Goldman, M Pokora....).  His achievements count over fifty recordings of world-class artists to his credit.  While playing for others, he continued to compose, remaining active in the Jazz scene, creating a network of friends that motivated him to finally go public with his own music and compositions. 

"Chi va piano va sano e va lontano" ! (He who goes slowly goes far) Manu has seriously applied this proverb before presenting us with his first album Nuevo Mundo in 2018. The time for introspection, inspiration, the time to cross paths with world-class musicians such as Samy Thiebault, Minino Garay, Felipe Cabrera and Lukmil Perez Perez who enhanced the South American rhythms of his music, with the power and poetry of the Andes. They are coming together to play at an altitude where oxygen is rare. The music of Manu Guerrero is a voyage around the globe, with a stop-over in the American continent, as if the high plateau and 52nd street were only a few meters apart. Jazz that is Rhythmic and refined, improvisations that are explosive yet poetic, a pianist we will not forget